Cantium Delivers Kent And Medway Digital Inclusion Programme
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KCC has an ageing estate of unreliable laptop devices, which are also out of warranty. When the Council identified that they wanted to align their hardware and technology with the Microsoft suite of products and services, it was an easy choice to utilise Microsoft Surface devices to reduce their cost base while increasing device performance.

Cantium stepped in to design a hands-off, end-to-end device provisioning solution, delivered as a service that enables the end user to order their new device and have it arrive on their doorstep within a matter of days.

To ensure project success, we identified and remediated KCC’s technical debt, including:

  • Moving the organisation to Windows 11 from Windows 10, with Windows Defender Application Control (WDAC) for added security controls.
  • Utilising Autopilot and InTune for device management and provisioning.
  • Modernising the VPN solution, enhancing user experience and security measures simultaneously.
  • Migrating from on-premises Active Directory (AD) to Entra ID, previously known as Azure Active Directory.

Early Project Scoping

During the early project scoping, we identified any issues that would affect the user experience and developed remediations to ensure resolution, including:

1)   Over 300 bespoke applications required testing and development to ensure compatibility with Surface and Windows 11.

We completed a due diligence exercise and requalified all applications in the estate, managing their access, and ensuring they are still supported and secure. SCCM was replaced with InTune to deploy applications and enable effective and secure application self-service.

2)   Devices did not have the correct certificate flows and architecture to authenticate on applications, wireless networks and the VPN.

We configured additional infrastructure, hosted in the cloud, to deliver the certificates to devices connecting over the internet. This ensures that users could access the VPN and applications from any location using certificate authentication, as well as wireless networks when working from KCC offices.

3)   Device hardware was out of date and managed by local administrators, meaning devices all had individual fixes applied with a ‘break-fix’ methodology.

Moved to an automatic and root cause fix approach using Endpoint Analytics and proactive remediation scripts. Cantium’s service desk can now quickly identify broader issues before the end user is aware of it, rolling out fixes proactively.

Burden on support desks are eased, leading to a decrease in total cost of ownership (TCO). This approach ensures benefits are received on a larger scale and that the environment is stable and consistent.

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The Solution

Designing the Device Distribution Process

The device ordering process seamlessly integrates with our IT Service Management (ITSM) tool, ServiceNow, offering users a self-service model to order and track devices from start to finish. Through our online portal, users can easily place orders, monitor delivery status, and handle any exceptions, such as failed delivery or damaged devices upon arrival.

Furthermore, our ITSM tool tracks user success with the new device, and prompts users to return their old devices for secure disposal after a successful introduction period, ensuring a smooth transition. This self-guided approach keeps users engaged and informed throughout, enhancing the overall end-user experience.

Cantium also deployed Early Life Support (ELS) throughout the process to manage the end user’s experience and expectations closely, gathering their feedback and identifying potential problem areas at every stage.

This process management and evaluation exercise was pivotal to the project’s success, ensuring that the while assessing each touchpoint for possible problems in the user and technical experience.

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Microsoft Surface Devices

Cantium can support you to rollout any Microsoft Surface device of your choosing. If you’re still trying to decide which device is best for you and your users, download our brochure with information on the:

  • Microsoft Surface Go 4
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop 5
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 9
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2
  • Microsoft Surface Studio 2+

Alternatively, contact our team and we can support you to choose the devices best suited to your organisation and your users.

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Why choose Cantium

Our unparalleled public sector understanding and expertise ensures that your applications and infrastructure continue to work for all end users without interruption.

  • Proven experience in delivering Device as a Service (DaaS), covering all aspects of device lifecycle management.
  • Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work.
  • Gold Microsoft Surface Authorised Reseller.
  • Unique understanding of the public sector derived from our heritage.
  • Trusted advisor and partner throughout the journey.
  • Expertise in modern management and cloud technologies.
  • Focus on enhancing the end-user experience.
  • Implementation of cost-effective solutions and efficient processes to reduce the cost of ownership.
  • Tailored workflows and processes adaptable to the needs of each organisation.
Cantium's seamless collaboration with our team and proactive approach have garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback. We are confident that these new devices will deliver excellent value for money in the future.
- Lisa Gannon, Director of Technology, Kent County Council
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The Results

With the full-scale programme results still to be determined, Cantium has already delivered several benefits, modernisations and cost-savings for the Local Authority, including:

  • Saving approximately 30% per device with extended warranty.
  • Deploying approximately 30+ devices daily to roll out 9,000 in one year, with the potential to increase as per customer requirements.
  • Proactive problem identification, management, and fix deployment.
  • Modern and cloud-based technologies that enable seamless hybrid working.
  • Removing overheads using Microsoft Store and InTune for self-serve application deployment.
  • Fully mapped device ordering process, which automates the process from order to delivery to device setup. Users have devices at their door 48 hours after placing their order and can be ready to work, on average, 20-40 minutes from unboxing.
  • Eco-friendly device sanitation, recycling and disposal of over 530 devices so far, rising to 9,000 over the project’s lifetime.
  • Automated Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and asset management processes so users can always keep track of their devices.
  • Excellent user experience with guides and knowledge base articles made available to all users, some of which are included in the box with the device.
  • Security enhancements with a VPN upgrade and the addition of Entra ID, supporting Windows Hello, Fingerprint, and Facial login natively.

Get in touch with Cantium’s team to find out how we can support your organisation to deploy Surface across your organisation.

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