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No matter the size, today’s businesses have never been more exposed to the challenges of the connected world. Nobody is spared, not even smaller start-ups and SME’s. Cybercrime is on the continual rise, growing cleverer and adapting to the challenges put in its way.

Why are smaller businesses more likely to be targeted? It’s thought that they are less likely to have a robust security system in place. Despite this, no business big or small can survive a massive data breach without major losses. The consequences are always dire, both financially and otherwise.

Preventing this doesn’t need to be a strenuous effort or an expensive investment. You need to ask yourself: is your company doing enough to ensure cyber security?


Do you have a strong cyber security policy?


Developing a strong security policy and implementing it consistently across the company might take some time, but it’s the first and most crucial step towards success and cyber security. And while you’re making these changes, start building a security-focused workplace culture as well.

Also, if your company has employees, customers, or users from the EU, then you need to be GDPR compliant as well. This will essentially change the way you use the information you hold on people, but it will also make you more secure, reliable, and trustworthy.


Are your networks and devices secure?


A secure business network must be password-protected, of course. But this is not just any password. You need a complicated, random combination of more than ten letters, numbers, and symbols that nobody would be able to guess, and no system would be able to crack. And you need one of these for each device.

Additionally, your devices must be protected with the latest versions of anti-malware and firewall software. Every software must be updated regularly to fix system bugs and weak spots. Your IT team should be checking all company computers at least once a month.

Is your company data encrypted?


A secure network should keep your company data safe from both external and internal attacks, but on the off-chance that a data breach does occur, you should have a second line of defence behind it. That’s why you should keep your business data encrypted. Even if your data gets stolen, the thieves won’t be able to read it.

Along with data encryption, smart businesses are using system back-ups and VPNs. The first ensures that you’re not vulnerable to ransom attacks, while the second encrypts your online data. If your employees spend a lot of time online, you should consider providing them with a VPN.

No matter how big or small, an unprotected business makes an easy target.  Whether you’re a company CEO, a team manager, or an employee let go of the “it won’t happen to me” mindset and find a way for your company to adopt a different a more secure approach.