SME Business Challenges: IT Services And IT Infrastructure
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As a Kent based company, we are passionate about driving positive change throughout our local economy as well as across the UK. One way we can achieve this is by supporting growing businesses, namely SMEs, of which there are over five million across the UK. We are right in the heart of the booming SME hub, with London and the South East of England currently thriving with budding enterprises. In Kent alone, SMEs make up around 90% of our local economy according to the latest Kent UK Business Counts Statistics Report, and we are dedicated to helping them grow with innovative IT solutions.

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Having an effective strategic IT plan in place for SMEs is a key driver for growth. We’re well versed in the challenges that these companies frequently face within the IT landscape, which is why our solutions are tailored to combatting these and ultimately create a more efficient business environment.

What are these challenges, and how can we overcome them?

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Lack of knowledge of IT Services


A recent report by the Telegraph highlights the modern-day key challenges faced by SMEs and notes that over a quarter of those surveyed expressed that a lack of awareness of technology was a major factor when implementing any IT services.

From the first point of contact with our Cantium IT Business Advisors, we aim to educate our clients on all our services in a clear and concise manner, alleviating any concerns and avoiding any technical jargon.

We understand you have a business to run, and it is not your place to have expertise in IT. We work with you to ensure that the best solutions are put in from the beginning, based on your unique needs and challenges. Working alongside your key stakeholders allows us to gain insight into your output and future goals. Through our experience, this method has been proven to be the most effective way to build IT solutions for our clients whilst installing confidence throughout the entire development of your tailored service.

Investing in your IT infrastructure


Over 75% of those surveyed cite that investment was a major barrier for them moving forward with an IT solution. Through our experience with SMEs, we understand that cash flow will always be top of the agenda and the impact on the bottom line must be well-considered. That is why all our IT service plans are not just tailored for your technical requirements, but also your budget, allowing your business to have a greater hold on outgoings.

On the other hand, it is also worth considering the costs of not investing in up to date IT solutions. Can your business afford to be behind the competition in terms of IT? In our experience, we have found that inefficient and out of date systems not only cost a business on time, but can also have a negative impact on staff and ultimately hinder growth.

Furthermore, as a Microsoft Gold Partner, not only do we have access to the latest Microsoft advancements, but we have a preferential rate for all Microsoft licences – a significant cost saving factor which we are happy for our clients to benefit from.

Forward planning and support


As with all our IT service plans, we offer access to the on-going support of our 250 highly trained IT experts who are on hand to help when issues arise. Our four-star certified service desk, ServiceNow, provides users with a means to flag any issues through an easy to use interface. ServiceNow also allows our staff to quickly resolve problems in an efficient manner.

ServiceNow also allows us to assess the on-going needs of your business, giving us a greater understanding of the way the business behaves and how our IT solutions can continually adapt to meet your changing needs.

We aim to continually develop our services in accordance to your needs and constantly keep abreast of the economic factors affecting them. By evolving our IT services in this way, we can provide sound solutions in order to futureproof the IT of your business.

Read more about our work as a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner here!