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Cantium Business Solutions has been successfully appointed to all eight lots/sub-lots of Crown Commercial Service’s new framework, Technology Services 3 (RM6100). This appointment and our 100% quality score across all five lots reinforces Cantium’s position as a trusted supplier of IT services to the UK public sector.

The new framework will be available for four years from July 2021, with Technology Services 2 still open until September 2021. The new framework has eight lots/sub-lots, which are:

Lot 1 – Technology Strategy and Service Design

Lot 2 – Transition and Transformation

Lot 3a – End User Services

Lot 3b – Operational Management

Lot 3c – Technical Management

Lot 3d – Application and Data Management

Lot 4 – Major Service Transformation Programmes

Lot 5 – Service Integration and Management

These lots and sub-lots span the entire ICT lifecycle from strategy and design to operational deployment and now includes a new SIAM lot.


What’s new with Technology Services 3?


Based on buyer and supplier research, technology Services 3 has made some changes, including introducing a new lot for Service Integration and Management (SIAM). This lot will support public sector organisations in procuring a SIAM layer of management and suppliers, or just suppliers with in-house management. In addition, lots 3 and 4 have been reorganised to ensure transparency and broaden the scope of requirements.

Philip Orumwense, Commercial Director and Chief Technology Procurement Officer, Crown Commercial Service, says:

“Technology Services 3 has been designed and developed using an extensive discovery and consultative process with many of our customers, suppliers, and partners. This framework truly reflects and represents their expectations and provides the platform for the country to build back better with the right mix of quality and innovative suppliers, including SME providers.

This is another example of how CCS is putting customers at the heart of everything we do to help support the public sector to continue on its digital transformation journey.”

When should I use Technical Services 3 to procure services?


TS3 is fundamentally about procuring high-level services rather than looking for the ‘cheapest offer’. The quality score threshold for suppliers has been raised from 55% to 75%, so you can rest assured that the suppliers on the framework can meet your requirements. Cantium has scored 100% on quality score across all five lots, demonstrating our depth of knowledge and experience in this space.

You can direct award using the framework on all lots apart from lot 4. However, it would be best if you only looked to Direct Award a contract when the terms and details on the framework agreements are detailed enough to identify the best supplier. This can reduce your procurement timescales, enhance value for money and reduce your administrative costs, all while remaining OJEU compliant.

To learn more about our IT services, frameworks we are part of, or to discuss how we can help your organisation overcome its current challenges, call us on 03000 411 115.