Partnering With TeamSOS To Champion Safeguarding In Schools
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With a continued focus on helping schools to effectively manage and improve safeguarding, Cantium is delighted to be partnering with teamSOS; experts in incident management and communications for schools.

TeamSOS provides an incident alert and triage system for schools that is fast, affordable and GDPR compliant. Managed through an easy-to-use app, this can be used by all school staff to call for help, record incidents and connect them with the right teams, should an incident occur.

The app can be accessed via desktop, tablet and mobile, with the on-call solution also available via a help button that sits on a lanyard – meaning staff working both on and off-site are able to summon help from anywhere.

Existing incident management processes remain one of the biggest risk factors underpinning safeguarding in education – with some schools still relying on radios, texts or phone calls to manage incidents.

This presents a multitude of risks with the danger of internal messages being missed, having to rely on battery-run (and often expensive) radio hardware, with no way to evidence/record calls as they happen. In addition, GDPR requirements do not condone the use of WhatsApp and walkie-talkies as the privacy of any sensitive data shared cannot be guaranteed.

However, with 65,000+ school incident messages managed through the teamSOS app in January 2023 alone, we’re delighted to see more schools moving to a more efficient and reliable incident management model. Here are just some of the ways the teamSOS app can support schools:


  • Providing staff with a simple way to ‘call for help’ from any internet-connected device or a clickable button – immediately alerting the appropriate response team
  • Enabling teams to stay connected to staff during an incident
  • Pointing staff to in-app first-aid videos
  • Checklists ensure correct procedures are followed
  • Allow you to review how an incident was handled with one-page incident summaries and detailed reports
  • Easily send announcements, issue guidance and check-in on staff during urgent situations such as a lockdown or evacuation.
By partnering with teamSOS, we can help our education customers to enhance and improve their existing safeguarding provision. Working together, we can create a safer learning environment for both students and staff.
- Mark Hodges, - Education Sector Lead, Cantium Business Solutions

For more information on how the teamSOS app could benefit your school, contact a member of our team today.