Partnering With Groupcall To Help Schools Cut Costs
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Our Partnership

Cantium and Groupcall have been in a partnership since 2017. We began working together to support schools in managing new GDPR legislation through the cloud-based GDPRiS platform, and with a series of training workshops for school staff. More recently, we have worked together to roll out an identity management platform that automates O365 updates by syncing with the school’s MIS. With a shared commitment to helping schools manage rising operational costs, we are working together to help schools and trusts in the UK to discover efficiencies through the parental communication platform; Groupcall Messenger.

Messenger has proven to reduce overheads in areas such as:

  • A reduction on paper and postage costs for letters and permission slips
  • Admin time and resource spent on tasks that can be automated through Messenger
  • Free push notifications to parents and guardians via the Messenger Xpressions App
  • Electronic Parents’ Evening booking via the Messenger platform
  • Automated sync with the MIS platform to flag when a child may be unauthorised absent
  • Instant messaging to all parental contacts in case of emergencies or school closures
  • Translation tools to support EAL parents and students
  • SMS, Email, free push App notifications, Twitter integration and voice messaging are all included in the platform

The Warriner High School was just one of the 500+ schools using Groupcall Messenger that discovered the benefits, saving over £12,000 in costs in their first year. You can find out more here.

We chose Messenger because it was intuitive and synchronised with our MIS as well as being easy-to-use. Within 30 days we’d saved 90% of our budget.
- Leigh Barmby, The Warriner High School

Free communication via the Xpressions app

Alongside the ability to send text messages and email, a Messenger subscription also includes the Xpressions parental app. The app enables schools to communicate with parents and guardians completely free of charge using in-app push notifications. This also provides a two-way communication environment enabling schools to allow replies from parents and guardians if they wish to do so. If parents and guardians have more than one child at a school using Messenger (or if they are attending another school using Messenger) then they are able to see all their children’s messages and information from within the Xpressions app. There is no need for a different app for each school or for each child – all the information is kept for parents and guardians in one app, easily searchable and always to hand.

With a shared dedication to providing schools with solutions that not only improve learning outcomes, but save your team time and are simple to use, we are looking forward to supporting more UK schools to transform their school-home communications, whilst saving money.

“By partnering with Cantium, we can help schools reduce their overheads by implementing Groupcall Messenger for all school communications.”

–  Paul Palmer, Enterprise Accounts Director, Groupcall


For more information on our how Groupcall Messenger could help your school or trust to save costs, or to request a free demo, contact a member of our team today.