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Why choose Cantium

Our unparalleled public sector understanding and expertise ensures that your applications and infrastructure continue to work for all your users without interruption.

Who Can Support My Microsoft Surface Device Rollout?

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Microsoft Surface Deployment

Cantium’s hands-off, end-to-end device provisioning solution.

Deploying Microsoft Surface in partnership with Cantium will look different at every organisation we work with.

Cantium has designed an end-to-end device provisioning solution, delivered as a service that enables the end user to order their new device and have it arrive on their doorstep within a matter of days.

However, we understand that your organisation may be able to handle aspects of this process in-house. We’ve also seen that some organisations are more prepared to roll out Surface devices than others.

Therefore, we recommend that Cantium’s engagement starts with an assessment of the technical debt within your infrastructure. If your infrastructure lacks comprehensive cloud integration, it can result in challenges with application compatibility and deployment, as well as Virtual Private Network (VPN), Wi-Fi, and application certificates.

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The Device Distribution Process

Cantium has designed the Microsoft Surface device distribution process from end-to-end with a focus on customer experience.

Device ordering seamlessly integrates with our IT Service Management (ITSM) tool, ServiceNow, offering users a self-service model to order and track devices from start to finish.

Through our online portal, users can easily place orders, monitor delivery status, and handle any exceptions, such as failed delivery or damaged devices upon arrival.

Furthermore, our ITSM tool tracks user success with the new device, and prompts users to return their old devices for secure disposal after a successful introduction period, ensuring a smooth transition. This self-guided approach keeps users engaged and informed throughout the process, enhancing the overall end-user experience.

Cantium also deploys Early Life Support (ELS) as standard throughout the process to manage the end user’s experience and expectations closely, gathering their feedback and identifying potential problem areas at every stage.

In our experience, this process management and evaluation exercise has been pivotal to projects’ success, ensuring that the entire process was tracked and understood while assessing each touchpoint for possible problems in the user and technical experience.

Cantium's seamless collaboration with our team and proactive approach have garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback. We are confident that these new devices will deliver excellent value for money in the future.
- Lisa Gannon, Director of Technology, Kent County Council
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Cantium Business Solutions is Delivering 9,000 Microsoft Surface Devices for Kent County Council

KCC has an ageing estate of unreliable laptop devices, which are also out of warranty. When the Council identified that they wanted to align their hardware and technology with the Microsoft suite of products and services, it was an easy choice to utilise Microsoft Surface devices to reduce their cost base while increasing device performance.

Cantium stepped in to design a hands-off, end-to-end device provisioning solution, delivered as a service that enables the end user to order their new device and have it arrive on their doorstep within a matter of days.

An overhead photo of a person using a Microsoft Surface Laptop with Microsoft Teams, on a table, using a Microsoft Surface headset and with a cup of drink

Microsoft Surface Devices

Cantium can support you to rollout any Microsoft Surface device of your choosing. If you’re still trying to decide which device is best for you and your users, download our brochure with information on the:

  • Microsoft Surface Go 4
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop 5
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 9
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2
  • Microsoft Surface Studio 2+

Alternatively, contact our team and we can support you to choose the devices best suited to your organisation and your users.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2 with Microsoft Teams on the screen showing a 5-person conference call

The Employee Experience

Premium quality

  • Industry-leading user experience for your people.

Designs that fit the way you work

  • 2-in-1s, Laptops, and Convertible “Studio.”

Lower carbon product design

  • Surface devices are designed for a smaller manufacturing footprint by reducing waste, using recycled and repurposed materials, and improving circuit boards.

Teams and video conferencing

  • Great camera experience, studio auto-levelling microphones, Dolby® Atmos®, Voice Clarity.

Amazing typing experience

  • Laptop features 1.3mm of key travel, lightly curved, and large trackpad.

Interact naturally

  • The stunning PixelSense™ touchscreen with ink support allows for fast, natural scrolling, exceptional color accuracy, and reduced eye strain. 

Thin, light, and elegant design

  • Quality craftsmanship, rigorous research, and human-centric testing.

Extended productivity

  • 3:2 aspect ratio, optimised for productivity.

Drive Efficiencies With Microsoft Surface

Cantium can design your Microsoft Surface device deployment to help increase efficiencies and better align your organisation with modern ways of working. With our help, you can utilise the latest technology to increase productivity, collaboration and efficiency across your organisation.

Surface is designed, built, and tested to provide a productive user experience. Surface devices enable your team to focus, create, and get work done with hardware and software designed, built, and tested together by Microsoft. Your teams can be confident they’re productive and secure with Surface,


Thoughtfully designed

Designed, built, and tested to provide a productive user experience, Surface devices enable your team to focus, create, and get work done.

• Hardware designed for experiences
• Premium craftsmanship
• World-class design labs
• Commitment to accessibility & sustainability


Built for security

With hardware and software designed, built, and tested together by Microsoft, your teams can be confident they’re productive and secure.

• Microsoft security at every level
• Powerful Windows security by default
• Ultimate control with remote device management
• Enterprise ready by default


Versatile & adaptable

Flexible form factors let your team choose the best device for how they work, learn, and create.

• Touchscreen, high quality audio, and cameras reduce boundaries between remote and in-person
• Accessories to extend the capabilities of your devices


Powerful productivity

Multitask with essential business apps, collaborate with premium video experiences, and get fast, secure mobile connectivity - all with Surface.

• High performance for everything that matters
• Do more with Surface and Windows innovation
• On-the-go yet always connected

Get in Touch

Get in touch with Cantium's team to find out how we can support your organisation to deploy Surface across your organisation.