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How Do You Utilise Sims to Systematically Bring About Rapid Improvements to Outcomes for Individuals, as Well as Groups of Pupils?

Over the course of 2 financial years, Cantium consulted Bradfields Academy on how they could make the most of their SIMS investment. With a focus on internal staff, training and workshops were delivered to ensure the development of skills for Bradfields Senior Leadership Team and Middle Leaders. This helped pave the way to the academy’s goal and achievement of, an Outstanding Ofsted inspection result.

Bradfields Academy, based in Medway, is an innovative and forward-looking specialist SEND provision which provides education for students who experience complex learning disabilities and difficulties. It aims to be a leading centre of excellence in the Special Education Sector where students can thrive and fully develop their cognitive, social and emotional skills. Cantium were invited into Bradfields Academy to complete a SIMS health check and make recommendations as to how the school could be making better use of their investment in the SIMS software to help them reach new heights in their coming Ofsted inspection.

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The Challenge

Within 13.5 consultancy days, spanning across two financial years, we consulted with Bradfields Academy to develop a SIMS strategy focussed on:

  • student behaviour
  • data reporting
  • student assessment with appropriate data analysis
  • development of SIMS knowledge and skills within the school workforce.

This included workshops on the SIMS Discover solution and further sessions for Middle Leaders within the school as well as training sessions and workshops to support the generation of internal SEF documents. As well as upskilling their existing staff, we assisted the school in the recruitment of a new Data Manager, feeding into the job description and providing interview tasks to assess the skill levels of the individuals selected for interview.

A significant part of the project included the design of the required resources and bespoke reports for a comprehensive assessment model and strategy for Social, Emotional & Attitudes to Learning as well as all academic subjects implementing the new assessment without levels national initiative but with additional Bradfields Steps. We worked with the school to support the staff in using and maintaining these.

The Result

All this culminated in the school achieving an Outstanding OFSTED award in March 2017 including a specific comment relating to work done by EIS:

Assessment procedures are in place to track pupils progress through the schools bespoke curriculum. This robust tracking system is being used systematically by staff to bring about rapid improvements to outcomes for individuals and groups of pupils. Leaders analysis of pupils performance information is extensive and accurate, which allows them to intervene swiftly to ensure that no pupils are left behind and the most able pupils are doing as well as they should.


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