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Vulnerability Management Systems

Vulnerability management systems support your cyber security and vulnerability teams to identify, categorise and manage vulnerabilities across your ICT network. The best ones translate the data into actionable insights and intelligence reports for business executives. 

Going above and beyond your current patch management and vulnerability scanning tools, such as Nessus, vulnerability management systems discover the flaws across your network, including on-prem and cloud environments, all endpoints, user devices, and help you to prioritise and apply fixes. 

Your existing security toolset should include network security tools that notify you when there’s an ongoing attack on your network. Your existing vulnerability scanners will notify you of your current security flaws. However, introducing a vulnerability management system will provide you with the tools to search for potential weaknesses across your entire estate and fix them to mitigate potential future network attacks.

Top Features of Vulnerability Management Systems

Your vulnerability management platform should include a suite of tools or features that cover all your exposure management needs. The following features will provide you with a comprehensive overview of what they can include. Compare these with your current and desired toolset to determine which best covers your requirements.


  • 24/7 security monitoring and vulnerability scanning 
  • Real-time reporting and insights 
  • One view of your entire attack surface 
  • Coverage for all on-premise and cloud environments 
  • Visibility of your entire external attack surface 
  • An asset inventory with visibility of all internet-facing devices and assets on your network  
  • Coverage of your entire Active Directory environment 
  • Vulnerability assessments for your web applications 
  • Compliance auditing 
  • Report visualisation for your entire attack surface 
  • Customised reporting suite for your KPIs and compliance 
  • Custom configuration, change logs and access controls 
  • Risk scores to quickly identify the largest threats 
  • Automatic and manual patch management options 
  • Automated updates 
  • Automated and manual remediation of threats 
  • Automated scans with preset workflows 
  • ITSM (IT service management) and CMDB (configuration management database) integrations

The Benefits of Vulnerability Management Systems

As assessed by Gartner, Tenable has some of the best vulnerability management tools and solutions to manage cyber security risks and vulnerabilities. While the best vulnerability management solutions have several positive customer reviews, they also have a whole host of benefits to support your organisation in becoming more secure.


Enhanced Vulnerability Management  

Your vulnerability management system should provide you with improved visibility into your security posture via comprehensive vulnerability scanning and prioritisation. The solution will also help you to streamline your vulnerability management processes, enabling efficient identification, tracking and remediation of vulnerabilities. With real-time monitoring and reporting on vulnerabilities, you can also facilitate informed decision-making and resource allocation. 


Improved Collaboration  

Your vulnerability management system should seamlessly integrate with your ITSM system to improve collaboration between your security and IT teams. The integration will also make your incident response more efficient and enable improved communication channels to be developed between different departments. Furthermore, your ITSM system can be setup with automated ticket creation based on vulnerability scan results, ensuring prompt incident resolution.  


Efficient Resource Utilisation  

Prioritised vulnerability data, integrated with the ITSM system can allow for better resource allocation and efficient mitigation of high-risk vulnerabilities. Reduced manual effort in vulnerability tracking and remediation can result in time and cost savings for organisations.  


Compliance and Reporting  

Simplified compliance monitoring by leveraging the Tenable platform’s reporting capabilities.  Generation of comprehensive reports on vulnerability status, remediation progress and overall security posture for regulatory purposes.  

How to Choose the Right Vulnerability Management System For You

Once you’ve identified the features that you’re missing and the corresponding benefits of your shortlist of vulnerability management systems, there are some final things that you should check.


  • Compatibility with your existing operating systems and platforms 
  • Compliant procurement routes 
  • One-off costs & licencing model 
  • Automation possibilities 
  • Integration possibilities 
  • Existing staff skillsets, capacity and capabilities 
  • Any other tools that you may need to sit alongside your chosen one 
  • Are all of your endpoints and end user devices covered 

Cantium is partnered with Tenable to provide licencing and solutions for the entire Tenable One Exposure Management Platform.

To learn more about why Cantium has chosen Tenable as their exposure management partner, please read our Cantium and Tenable Partnership Announcement. You can also download this Tenable Case Study PDF to see why our customers across the UK public sector are choosing Tenable and Cantium to manage their security vulnerabilities.