Digital Primary Care Congress And Cantium Business Solutions
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On 19th September Cantium were pleased to attend the 2nd annual Digital Primary Care Congress, with Steve Whiting as one of the guest speakers for the event!

With digital technology a significant part of our everyday lives, we recognise that by the end of the decade, digital technology is likely to have transformed the NHS, and digital systems will be integral to a modern, efficient and responsive health service.

Well-designed digital tools are increasingly being used to provide care and services that are convenient for patients, efficient for the NHS and which get people the right care as quickly as possible.

This event was a fantastic opportunity to network and engage with some of the most reputable and recognised speakers in the UK about digital transformation in the NHS, as well as promote the work that Cantium are doing to support this.

Alongside Evelyn White, KMCR Project Director for the East Kent Transformation Programme, Steve Whiting delivered a talk on the Shared Care Record that Cantium are delivering for Kent and Medway.

Currently in Kent and Medway, patient records are held separately by numerous health and care providers. When clinicians draw this data from many sources this can lead to inefficiencies and delays in patients receiving treatment, transfers of care and hospital discharge. By bringing together these numerous records into a single shared record, the Kent and Medway Care Record (KMCR), care professionals and the patient themselves can view the data on a single record, providing the following benefits:

  • Better co-ordination of care
  • Improved clinical decision-making
  • Faster and more efficient hospital discharge and transfers of care
  • More successful outcomes for patients

By using our public sector knowledge and experience in the NHS, alongside input from clinical and health care professionals, patients and the public, Cantium were able to define the specifications to ensure this solution was effective. After having successfully completed the first two of three phases of the project, we are awaiting the start of the final stage, which will see the KMCR through to its implementation.

Following the talk, we received some fantastic feedback, and are confident the opportunity has helped to further promote the Cantium brand and the work we are doing. We are looking forward to attending the next event, Implementing the Technology of Tomorrow: Government Digital Technology Congress, in London this November.

You can read more about that project here, and view our video case study by Susan Acott, Chief Executive of East Kent Hospitals NHS.

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