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Managing Cyber Risk

The modern attack surface is growing, always changing and more interconnected than ever. In response, security teams have deployed multiple security technologies, each with their own analytics and without consistent reporting. Disparate tools can lead to duplicate efforts and ineffective programs, with no clear path forward to tangibly reduce risk or succinctly communicate an organisation’s security posture. Even worse, this reactive firefighting approach to cyber security puts defenders at a major disadvantage.

Recent attacks on UK schools, local authorities, and even the Electoral Commission demonstrate how attackers are taking advantage of blind spots on agency networks to gain access to data and sensitive information.

Cantium are partnering with Tenable to support local authorities in getting ahead of the risk with exposure Management, also known as vulnerability management. Exposure management enables your organisation to understand its cyber risk so you can make more effective business decisions. Built on the foundations of risk-based vulnerability management, exposure management takes a broader view across your attack surface, applying both technical and business context to more precisely identify and more accurately communicate cyber risk, enabling better business decisions.

Our Partnership with Tenable

With a shared focus on helping to protect the public sector from ever-evolving cyber threats, Cantium has partnered with Tenable, experts in exposure management, to support local authorities in the proactive management of vulnerabilities across their IT infrastructure. The partnership will enable local authorities to eliminate cyber security blind spots, prevent cyber attacks and build a baseline for cost-effective risk management.

Approximately 40,000 organisations worldwide rely on Tenable to understand and reduce cyber risk. As the creator of Nessus, Tenable extended its expertise in vulnerabilities to develop Tenable One; the world’s first platform to see and secure any digital asset on any computing platform.

By harnessing the power of the Tenable One Exposure Management Platform, Cantium can provide authorities with a full and accurate picture of their attack surface. With the tools to identify, monitor and prioritise vulnerabilities across their entire network, authorities will be better equipped to protect critical infrastructure and citizen data.

With over 40 years of experience being integrated within and supporting the public sector, Cantium complements this solution with a wealth of knowledge and experience, and the expertise needed to help authorities to resolve vulnerabilities and respond quickly to incidents.


The Platform

The Tenable One Exposure Management Platform enables organisations to translate technical asset, vulnerability and threat data into clear business insights and actionable intelligence for security executives and practitioners.

The platform combines the broadest vulnerability coverage spanning IT assets, cloud resources, containers, web apps and identity systems, builds on the speed and breadth of vulnerability coverage from Tenable Research, and adds comprehensive analytics to prioritize actions and communicate cyber risk

The Tenable One Exposure Management Platform incorporates a number of Tenable products to enable organisations to:

• Gain comprehensive visibility across the modern attack surface
• Anticipate threats and prioritise efforts to prevent attacks
• Communicate cyber risk to support better decision making

Tenable One Capabilities

Tenable One delivers context-driven risk analytics so security teams can move from reactive fire fighting to prevention. With clear metrics to measure, compare and easily communicate cyber risk, the cloud-based platform helps organisations to:

  • Stop Ransomware

Providing proactive protection against ransomware, hardening your defenses and ensuring you know what vulnerabilities to fix first. Your attack surface is continuously assessed to find flaws before they become business impacting issues. Using real-time threat intelligence and easy to understand risk scores you can prioritise vulnerabilities and understand the latest attack paths ransomware groups use to guide remediation.

  • Discover More Vulnerabilities On More Attack Surfaces

Ensuring you have a complete picture of all the assets, connected devices and users on your network, as well as their corresponding vulnerabilities. Going beyond traditional IT assets, Tenable technologies continuously discover and assess new technologies, platforms and devices including cloud services, operational technology (OT), modern web apps and Active Directory (AD) domains.

  • Prioritise Vulnerabilities

Built-in prioritisation capabilities identify high risk vulnerabilities so you can proactively stop attacks. Vulnerability data, threat intelligence and data science are combined to give you easy to understand risk scores to quickly assess risk. Through measurement and comparative benchmarking of program effectiveness, Tenable Lumin elevates cyber risk management even further with additional prioritization metrics and capabilities.

  • Accelerate Zero Trust

Aaccelerate your journey to Zero Trust by providing critical visibility and insight into assets and users on your network from IT to OT, code to cloud and AD to Azure. Agencies can identify and classify assets, inventory devices, map the flow of sensitive assets and data, and understand vulnerabilities on all connected devices. Risk scores and asset criticality metrics can inform policy decision points to make a trust/no trust decision.

  • Maintain Compliance

Helps your organisation stay secure and compliant with a customised environment and security posture reports to demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards and operational frameworks. Supporting the achievement and maintenance  of Public Service Network (PSN) Code of Connection compliance and other key security-based certifications.

Key Benefits

Organisations are facing an overload of preventive security solutions, However, the advantages of ‘best-of-breed’ security products are often short-lived and present the need for increased training requirements, difficulty in getting a comprehensive assessment of an organisation's security posture; and the need to take a manual approach to fill gaps between different vendors’ products.

A consolidated platform approach to preventive cyber security is essential for any organisation looking to achieve an accurate and contextualized view of their exposure, with a number of important economical and risk management benefits, such as:

- Improved Security Posture
- Improved Prioritisation of Exposures
- Simplified Management
- Unified Reporting
- Improved Integration of Tools
- Cost-effectiveness
- Reduced Complexity

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Cantium Implements Tenable One Vulnerability Management Platform for a Local Authority

Cantium recently worked in partnership with a Local Authority (LA) organisation to enhance their cyber security posture. As part of this initiative, implemented the Tenable One Exposure Management platform. The recommended integration with the ITSM system helped to ensure seamless integration with existing processes, with support from our team from the assessment and planning stages, all the way through to testing and training.

With attempted cyber attacks on the organisation just days after the solution was implemented, the Tenable Vulnerability Management platform was instrumental in helping the authorities’ security team to anticipate these attacks and take immediate action to protect their network.

This is a solution that you can’t live without. If we hadn’t installed Tenable.ad, we would never have known about these attacks.
- Enterprise Architect, UK Local Authority

Cantium Support

Cantium has experience of delivering the implementation, onboarding and ongoing-support for the Tenable One platform with local authorities across the UK. Our support capabilities include:

  • Full discovery, procurement, service and solution design, implementation, key integrations (ITSM, CMDB etc.), project management, and progression to BAU support
  • Network, Security, Infrastructure, Endpoint and Enterprise resources to enable and support the implementation of the Tenable One Exposure Management Platform
  • Project management, project support and third party collaboration resource
  • Documentation for operational support of the Tenable One vulnerability management platform
  • Asset discovery process to ensure scanning of your entire attack surface
  • Set up of operational processes for new endpoints and users
  • Service introduction, transition, design, training and support planning

Cantium works in partnership with your organisation to ensure that you can implement, onboard and support the Tenable One Exposure Management Platform. Our teams integrate themselves into your business to understand your priorities and processes and work as an extension of your team, providing tailored support as required.

Our teams have unparalleled experience in supporting local government teams and applications from the inside. We help you to take back control of your cyber security operations and provide experts with the knowledge and experience to transform your business.

Get in Touch

Get in touch with our vulnerability management team to discover the Tenable One platform and identify how Cantium can support your exposure management platform implementation.