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Episode 17 –

Cyber Resilience – Establishing national collaboration

In the latest episode, Fred MacAuley chats to Cantium CEO, Mark Scott, Commercial Director, Mark Cobb, and Mandy Haeburn-Little, Executive Chair at BRIM (Business Resilience International Management). They discuss the current state of play with cyber security and the progress in setting up nine regional business resilience centres in England and Wales.

The conversation then looks at the impending launch of a National Cyber Resilience Group. Mandy explains the reasoning behind the new national group and how it will accommodate greater collaboration between the private sector and the police. She explains how they will share knowledge, experience, and resources at a national level to understand better what businesses need and what issues they are experiencing, including the ongoing development of a first-class talent pool to tackle the increasing sophistication of cyber attacks.

The discussion touches on the need to raise awareness so that cyber security becomes part of everyday conversation and the desire to instil a greater level of confidence to question and address suspicious activity.

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