Broadband and Business Continuity for the Health Sector

Why Cantium Solutions?

Over the past 35 years, Cantium has partnered with a number of organisations from the public and private sector to bring them the best IT solutions they need in order to take their operations to the next level, including healthcare providers in the UK. Quality broadband infrastructure ensures that the devices within the network are well connected and operate correctly within the closed network.

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We have over 1000 satisfied customers using our ICT.

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Reliably preventing more than 80% of spam emails from getting through.

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We guarantee and commit to 99.9% network availability.

Broadband and Business Continuity for Health Sector

Another important consideration for healthcare providers and professionals is security and safety. An increasing number of hospitals are using devices to monitor the situation of their patients remotely and reduce hospital stay. These IT solutions cut operational costs and improve the efficiency of hospital staff. Therefore, the number of connected devices in the healthcare sector is certain to keep increasing. This calls for excellent infrastructure to maintain this type of service.

Broadband for Healthcare

All of the solutions that we offer are tailor-made to address the needs of our clients. The benefits of using Cantium’s broadband solution are as follows:
Broadband Privacy for Health Sector


  • Your healthcare establishment will be a part of a private network, designed for public sector organisations
  • The network we operate benefits from multi-layered security across the core network to provide secure connection to the Broadband router you use
  • In terms of data sharing among establishments, the medical staff can have reliable inter-site access with other organisations as their data is kept safe on our network and does not cross the Internet. This is crucial when it comes to sensitive information, such as the data that medical establishments store


  • Our team of highly-trained engineers and IT specialists manage firewalls to protect all organisations within the network from online threats and any infiltration attempts
  • Cantium protects your mail servers from unsolicited and inappropriate email, reliably preventing more than 80% of spam emails from reaching your inbox
  • Our broadband for the healthcare sector includes web filtering that is approved by the Internet Watch Foundation. It is hosted centrally and managed on your behalf. However, any organisation can manage their own filtering if they desire
Broadband Security
Broadband Reliability


  • The network is a high-performance platform created to cope with the peaks and troughs of traffic through the day. Our team carefully monitors network capacity and usage patterns, ensuring that bandwidth is available when you need it
  • The network consistently meets or exceeds the availability commitment of 99.9%


  • We proactively monitor the network you use all year round. We often handle issues before the client is even aware of a problem. In the unlikely event of a connection fault, we do everything we can to get it fixed in the same day
  • We have access to a unique range of alternative emergency connectivity networks that can be used in the unfortunate event of a catastrophic outage in populated areas
Broadband Resilience

Contunuity for The Healthcare Sector

Business Contunuity

Maintaining continuity is vital for the healthcare industry. This is something very important for all providers in the sector and yet it is one of the biggest challenges they face. Our team can provide support when it comes to continuity of the data that your organisation stores.

We can perform remote backups of your data and implement disaster recovery solutions in case of a loss of systems. We take pride in being a leader in broadband and continuity for the health sector.

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