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Cantium provides expert HR administration services for SMEs in the UK. You can rely on us for support with any issues related to human resources, keeping your records straight and making sure you are compliant with national and industry regulations. You need a reliable partner that will prevent incorrect processing of employment documentation. We are here to keep you out of penalties the right way, i.e. by taking good care of your staff. We specialise in providing full support over the entire employee life cycle and our comprehensive approach ensures continuity and consistency that makes your staff feel safe about their information and entitlement.

Human Administration SME
Human Resources Small Business

Cantium’s responsibilities with your employees will start the moment they become a part of your team. However, we will do more than preparing their contract. Our experts will simplify the process by introducing automated employment contracts, so it will be easier to update them in case of any changes. Finally, we will manage any leaver’s papers and submit the information to pension providers. We will be supportive and eager to apply our competence to ensure compliance and transparency, so that both you and your team can be confident about the way the HR administration is handled.

Human Resources Administration for Small Business

Taking care of human resources administration can prove quite a challenging task, so you shouldn’t be alone in dealing with it. Cantium’s experts are available to apply their expertise and help any SME stay fully compliant with the relevant legislation. Regardless of how small or large your team is, you need to make sure that you deal with any legislative requirements properly. Even if you only have a few people working for you, keeping records and processing large volumes of documentation is no easy task for an employer. So, we offer our help in sorting out all of the human resources administration trouble you might have. We have been doing this for other companies for 35 years now, so we are true experts in managing records and filing documentation.

HR Administration

HR Administration Services for SME

Our human resources services for SME include:

Human Resources Admin Services
  • Maintaining you HR records for the entire employment period of all employees
  • New appointments, contract changes, variations and terminations
  • The issue of automated employment contracts to streamline the process
  • The issue of variation to contract letters
  • Advice on maternity leave and a maternity leave employee handbook
  • All types of personal changes over the course of service
  • Updating your records following internal structural changes
  • Responding to enquiries by pension, loan and mortgage providers
  • Guidance on the creation and compliance to Terms and Conditions
  • Guidance on pay, grading and conditions of service
  • Administration of annual salary assessments and pay awards
  • Processing and submitting leaver information that pension providers require
HR Administration Services
Human Resources Admin

We know that just thinking about all of this is a lot but we actually enjoy doing it and would be glad to step in and alleviate you of this task. Doing all of it properly is a huge responsibility to your staff because it concerns their salaries, their data and their entire career with you. So, leaving it to the experts is the sensible choice here. This way you will have the peace of mind that everything is taken good care of and your employees will have full confidentiality in the way the HR admin work is taken care of at your company.

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