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Who Can Partner With You to Develop an ICT Roadmap and Strategy That Will Help Discover Savings to Aid Business Growth?

With a proven track record of delivering expert ICT services, Kent-based leisure trust, TM Active, approached Cantium for their support. Their infrastructure was not secure, and severe downtime was not only affecting business continuity but having severe cost implications across all of their sites. They needed a trusted partner to help them overcome these challenges, ultimately helping them to improve the services they delivered to the citizens of Kent. By creating a roadmap on the foundation of their values and goals, Cantium is taking TM Active on a strategy-led technology journey that addresses their immediate challenges, and long-term ICT vision.

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Identifying TM Active's ICT challenges

TM Active is a leisure trust with six sites across Kent and is responsible for the delivery of sport and leisure facilities on behalf of Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council.

Cantium uses a similar model to TM Active, in that all our operating profits are re-assigned to the council for use back in the community. This means we have a clear understanding of the challenges they face in trying to deliver savings and ensure that funds are used efficiently to aid long-term business growth. Our public sector heritage gives us a unique advantage, taking a collaborative, partnership-based approach as we developed a strategic roadmap that was aligned to their goals.

Cantium quickly recognised that the installed infrastructure was not enterprise standard and was not configured as per ITIL best practices, leaving the trust vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This also led to considerable downtime, which could cost the trust hundreds of thousands of pounds for every day they weren’t open.

We identified areas to improve efficiency across various end-user functions, recognising the need to upgrade the Wi-Fi network across all sites, as the existing wireless installation was no longer able to meet the requirements of today’s network demands.

As part of TM Active’s transformation project, Cantium implemented a new VoIP telephony solution, allowing leisure staff to stay connected across all sites and access files securely as they worked remotely. Having this provision in place before the health crisis would not only enable business continuity within the trust but ensure that staff could effectively collaborate while they observed social distancing.

We also recognised the importance of a service desk to manage all aspects of the ICT service that Cantium will deliver to TM Active. Our service desk provides the trust with unlimited access to technologies to resolve their ICT issues quickly and effectively to avoid business interruption.

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Driving Change for TM Active Through Managed ICT Services

By partnering with TM Active, we were able to gain a deeper understanding of their trust-wide operational goals and processes, as well as their day-to-day challenges. Our team designed a fully managed IT solution which included remote and on-site support for managed computers, applications, telephony and internet access at their six sites.

Scalable cloud solutions meant that we could facilitate the changing needs of the trust as it grows, as well as provide a cost-effective solution that accommodates seasonal peaks and troughs throughout the year.

Upgrading the Wi-Fi across all of the trust’s leisure and health clubs meant their members benefitted immediately from the technology installed. The enhanced customer experience created a huge attraction to new members, subsequently resulting in increased business growth.

By implementing the right security controls to mitigate risk, we were able to ensure infrastructure was robust and resilient to escalating cyber threats. With controls such as security monitoring, malware protection and other cyber defences, TM Active remain confident in their ability to maintain GDPR compliance through the services we provide.


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