Why Every Small Business Should Be Outsourcing IT Support
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In the past, outsourced IT support has been seen as a luxury that only larger companies can afford. As a result, many small businesses have been left behind in the recent digital revolution.

However, as digital technology becomes ever more critical in commerce and industry, businesses of all sizes should be investing in outsourced IT support. And here’s why.

From the automation of repetitive processes to the improvement of customer service, there are a whole host of reasons why small businesses should turn to experts like Cantium to handle their IT systems.

Read on to find out more.

Enjoy reliable communications


To risk stating the obvious, small businesses always have a lot of balls to juggle. Due to limited funding and the necessity for employees to multitask, sometimes wires can get crossed. That’s why having effective communications is essential to the running of an effective small organisation.

Ensuring your Telecommunications systems are functional and that they rarely, if ever, experience downtime, is a top priority. This is why cloud-based telecoms solutions like Cantium Voice are so valuable since they promote uptime and deliver seamless communications to businesses of all sizes.

As well as telecommunications, your small business will need a reliable internet connection to stay up and running and in touch with its customers.

Features such as remote backup, data transfer encryption, and data recovery can prove invaluable should the worst happen. However, these can be quite complicated procedures, so allowing experts to implement and maintain them is a surefire way to prevent any tech headaches.


Deliver high-quality customer service


Whether you’re a local tutoring business or an artisanal baker, outsourcing IT support to a professional is guaranteed to improve your service.

Often, small business owners rarely get the time to review and improve their services, leading to inefficiencies and faults going undetected for long periods of time. By outsourcing to a solutions expert like Cantium, you are essentially casting a fresh pair of eyes over your business’s operations to seek out and improve these weak areas.

Digitally, this can take the form of refining your website’s technical architecture or restructuring your technical design to get the best results for your business. To put it simply, if your site is optimised, your data protected, and your internal processes maximised in efficiency, the service you deliver to your customers will be much better too.


Increased competitiveness


With outsourced IT support, your small business has an expert on its side to increase its competitiveness against others.

With a dedicated team of IT specialists on board constantly improving your operations and streamlining your processes, achieving your business’s goals will seem easier than ever.

Developing your technical strategy gradually to achieve a digital business transformation is a surefire way to enhance your business’s productivity. Alongside this, booking in training for your staff to bring them up to speed on matters such as IT security best practices and GDPR compliance is also beneficial to help your small business gain an edge.

Lastly, getting an expert to set up and manage useful solutions such as cloud computing is a great way to ensure your data is accessible, retrievable, and backed up. That way, should the worst happen and your small business succumbs to cyber-attack, you can stay functional and bounce back as soon as possible.




Despite the obvious upfront cost, many small businesses find that outsourced IT support actually pays for itself in the long run. By investing in your IT infrastructure, you are essentially saving yourself money further down the road. Here’s how.

For small business owners who may have little to no experience in IT, investments end up paying for themselves in both the crises they prevent and the advantages they bring.

Without regular maintenance and monitoring, your IT systems may get slow, ‘buggy’, and unresponsive. What’s more, in the absence of correct software updates, anti-virus installations, and endpoint monitoring, your business’s systems are more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Loss of business and data breaches could end up costing your company thousands in repairs and compensation. So, instead of forking out for damage control after technological emergencies, pay a flat-rate fee and keep your systems in check constantly.


Free up your time


Finally, when you put everything together, outsourced IT support saves you time.

Running a business is a difficult job as it is, let alone when you throw technological administration into the mix. With a team of experts preventing cyber attack, updating systems, and refining processes, small business owners have more time to focus on the day-to-day, devoting more time to what they love.

IT professionals like Cantium can also automate repetitive tasks like sending out emails or checking through form responses with our RPA system, saving you time and allowing you to redirect your attention elsewhere.


Contact Cantium today


If you’re the proud owner of a small business and think you could benefit from outsourced IT support, get in touch with our friendly team of experts to begin the solutions process.

In the meantime, download and read our IT service brochure to find out more about how we can help your business reach its full digital potential.