Cantium Launches HRSelect, a Comprehensive Suite of HR Services

As part of Cantium’s commitment to continually improve our service provision for our clients, we are integrating our HR services into one central offering.

Previously our HR product offering was split across multiple brands; Schools’ Personnel Service, Staff Care Services and EmploymentCheck. With the many changes we have experienced as a result of COVID-19, we have evaluated the way we deliver HR support and guidance to our customers. By putting all services in one place, this gives our customers further choice on how we support them in addition to complementing their own existing business and its strategiesIt is imperative that we are able to change with the times and continue to support, align and tailor our HR offerings to our customers.

Cantium is proud to announce the launch of ‘HRSelect’, our integrated suite of HR services, designed to meet the needs of today’s organisations. This will bring together the services previously offered under Cantium’s sub-brands into a single, modular proposition. HRSelect is designed to be your strategic partner to help organisations drive their own HR strategy by allowing them to select the most suitable services to complement their approach. 

Our range of HR services will remain the same but there will now be one consistent point of entry to access our entire suite of HR services. Through HRSelect, we’ve simplified how our customers can browse our HR services, allowing them to select the specific ones they need. The services offered within HRSelect are categorised into the below groups: 

  • Recruitment & Selection 
  • Training & Development 
  • Advisory & Administration 
  • Payroll & Pensions 
  • Health & Wellbeing 
  • EmploymentCheck (DBS Services)

The ‘Fast’, ‘Insight-Driven’ ‘Connected’ and ‘Customer-Led’ values that our customers have become accustomed to will remain central to the way we offer our services. 

You can view HRSelect and its services by visiting the HRSelect Service Page.

For more information, please email us at to contact a member of our team.