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In May 2021, Cantium were reassessed and successfully reaccredited with the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals’ (CIPP) Payroll Assurance Scheme (PAS) accreditation. The assessment looks at our payroll processes and our people processes to ensure that we have the correct processes and software in place, deliver a good service, and look after the professional development of our payroll employees.

Some of the feedback that we received includes:

“It is evident that Cantium are driven by high levels of customer satisfaction. The processes are driven by customer feedback, and this is always encouraged.”

“A high level of detail has been given to the on-boarding of new starters with e-forms and self-service, which is far superior compared to other payroll bureaux.”

“The level of training and development is exceptional, and the whole company should be proud of the standards that are achieved.”

“There is clear evidence that ‘people’ are important to Cantium. This has been identified from the level of training and development, an open-door policy with encouraging conversations, flexible working, and wellbeing tracker and activities on Candoo.”

“This organisation is exemplary, and all staff should be proud of what they have achieved.”

What does this mean for Cantium?

The PAS accreditation and feedback received is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our payroll team. This accreditation will help us improve our processes and lead to greater effectiveness and efficiencies within our payroll function. Using the PAS accreditation logo allows us to demonstrate our organisation’s dedication to compliance and best practice to new and existing customers. Achieving the accreditation has also provided us with the opportunity to improve our service levels for our colleagues and customers.

We deliver payroll outsourcing services to schools, academies, healthcare organisations and local authorities. We are committed to improving our service and our staff members as we become your provider of choice for managed payroll bureau services.