Shows a person applying for a job, pre-employment, with their reference

Cantium has added a new module to the HRSelect EmploymentCheck DBS portal that enables you to obtain pre-employment references for your new recruits. Our solution is easy to manage and user friendly, keeping the familiar look and feel of the EmploymentCheck Portal. The system enables referees to complete applications securely over the internet and has the option for automatic chase email notifications.

With up to 7 references from only £3 per candidate*, the new referencing module aims to save you time and money when managing the recruitment of new staff to your team.

Four Reasons to Choose HRSelect EmploymentCheck Referencing


Our solution is purpose-built, online, easy to use and secure. We enable you to check up to 7 references from £3 per candidate, or £4 per candidate if you complete less than 500 reference checks per year.


Cantium can save you time chasing for updates and reminding referees to complete referencing with automatic chase notifications. We have also added in a feature to keep all parties informed of the status of the reference application automatically.

Plus, if you are an existing EmploymentCheck customer, Referencing is managed from within your DBS portal.


HRSelect EmploymentCheck Referencing is hosted on a secure platform in a UK tier-3 data centre. Both Cantium and our server host are ISO 27001 accredited, and the solution is covered by an SSL certificate.

Each Reference Administrator is set up by your organisation’s Super Administrator and given a unique username and password. In addition to password complexity rules, the system has password expiry and will revoke access after unsuccessful attempts.

Referees are sent a secure link to the system to complete the form via email. Once the reference due date is reached, the link will also expire, which means that the referees can only access the system for a limited period whilst the reference is in progress. Each link sent to a referee is unique to that referee and only the recipient of the email would be able to use the link to access that specific part of the system.

GDPR is Covered

The system has an automated process in place for the removal of reference data which will ensure that GDPR compliance is met and personal data including the completed references are automatically purged by the system.

If you are an existing HRSelect EmploymentCheck customer, it’s as simple as:

  1. Contact Cantium on or call 03000 411 115.
  2. The module is added to your EmploymentCheck portal
  3. We add the cost of your reference checks to your monthly bill

Not an existing HRSelect EmploymentCheck customer? Contact a member of our team on the contact details above for a free demonstration. We will show you how easy to use our portal is for your team and referees, as well as how we can save you time in completing administration tasks.

* A maximum number of 7 referees can be added for each candidate. Costs are £3 per candidate for SaaS customers and £4 per candidate for Umbrella Body customers.